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Angels, Archangels, Guardian Angels

All angels are Divine Messengers, true gifts from God. They bring messages from the Divine Mind, reminding us of our Creator's never ceasing love and his plan for peace.

Archangels, are more powerful, oversee the other angels and act in the capacity as supervisors.  They have the ability to be in more than one place at the same 

Guardian Angels are assigned to us before birth and stay with us our entire lifetime.  They protect and guide, keeping us from harm before our time to leave the earth. They are with us at our transition from this life to the next. They never leave our side and love us unconditionally.








Welcome ............

I'm so glad you stopped by. Please take your time to peruse the many services and modalities that are offered. Spirit has led you here....there are no coincidences. 

Allow this site to be your guide to the beauty of the angelic world.  Increase your knowledge of natural energy healing techniques. Empower yourself with the Divine Guidance of a personalized reading. Restore peace and balance to your body, mind & spirit. Reconnect with Source, our Creator, and find yourself once again.

Our journey during our time on earth, is guided by Spirit.  You may be experienced and familiar with the workings of Spirit in your life, or you may be starting out on a brand new adventure. Wherever you are on your path, is exactly where you should be at this moment. Let the miracle unfold and be open to the Divine Guidance that is always available.   

I am an ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue and I find great joy in helping people connect with their angels and guides, delivering inspirational messages of love and healing. I am also a certified medium, connecting with loved ones who have transitioned. I am so blessed to be called to this work especially at this time on our planet.  As a Lightworker, it is my mission and passion to bring the knowledge and truth of unlimited, unconditional love to all my fellow travelers.  Many have forgotten their connection to Source and the love that is always present and never withdrawn. Sometimes we all need a gentle reminder that we are never alone and all we really need to do is ask for help, practice stillness, and listen. 

May love and joy be your constant companions!


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